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Annual day celebrated in St. Joseph Convent School, Peerumadara…

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  • Every application for school leaving certificate shall be made in writing by the parent/ guardian on the prescribed from.
  • A fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate and this will be issued only three days after the receipt of the application.
  • Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the fees is paid up to the current month. Those who leave in April will pay the fees for May and June as Well.
  • Any student who applies for T.C. having left the school without prior application will pay the fees up to the date of application for T.C.
  • No student should be withdrawn from the school without having issued T.C.


St. Joseph's Convent School is a Catholic (Christian) Minority. This School was founded by and is managed by the Sisters of Our Lady of Providence, a religious congregation founded in 1817 in France for the education of children and for the empowerment of the poor. It is an independent body with minority certificate under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of(Bareilly) Diocese, endeavoring to provide...

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