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Annual day celebrated in St. Joseph Convent School, Peerumadara…

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  • Formative and Summative assessments are done regularly limits in the school to enable the parents to know the progress of their children and pay due attention to their studies at home.
  • There will be three unit tests during in the academic year for the KG Classes. Student will also be assessed on their performance in the class and the marks will be added to the unit tests.
  • Any leave application on medical grounds during the examination period has to be submitted before or on the day of the examination and such application coming on a later date will not be accepted.
  • Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examination and tests. Any malpractice, even if discovered later, will be seriously dealt with.
  • The result of the examination is final and will not be reconsidered.
  • Students will not be allowed to sit for any examination unless the fee is paid as recommended.
  • Parents are requested to attend Parent teacher Meeting regularly.


St. Joseph's Convent School is a Catholic (Christian) Minority. This School was founded by and is managed by the Sisters of Our Lady of Providence, a religious congregation founded in 1817 in France for the education of children and for the empowerment of the poor. It is an independent body with minority certificate under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of(Bareilly) Diocese, endeavoring to provide...

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