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Annual day celebrated in St. Joseph Convent School, Peerumadara…

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    "Education as a process of Liberation of the human mind from ignorance, superstition and to widen the capacity to learn, understand and realize 0ne’s potentials in every sphere. To build a just and fraternal society by character formation of students, enabling them to realize their mental, physical and spiritual abilities for their own good and the welfare or humanity. To help students stand up for universal values and human rights, to be able to solve problems and pass on the good they have received. "


St. Joseph's Convent School is a Catholic (Christian) Minority. This School was founded by and is managed by the Sisters of Our Lady of Providence, a religious congregation founded in 1817 in France for the education of children and for the empowerment of the poor. It is an independent body with minority certificate under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of(Bareilly) Diocese, endeavoring to provide...

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